My Review: Canterwood Creat ‘City Secrets’

The book that I have chosen to write my review on is called, ‘City Secrets’ by Jessica Burkhart. ‘City Secrets’ is a book that is part of the series called ‘Canterwood Crest’. ‘City Secrets’ is book 9 in the series.

The ‘Canterwood Crest’ series is about a group of five girls who all attend an Equestrian Boarding School for girls. ‘City Secrets’ is set during school break. The main character – 13 year old Sasha Silver – has been invited to stay at fellow student Heather Fox’s house for one week in NYC.
Sasha has only been attending ‘Canterwood Crest’ for one year. When she first started at the school Heather – and her group of friends – felt threated by Sasha and didn’t like her (books 1-3). As you read through each book, slowly Heather and her friends, Alison and Julia, starts to befriend Sasha.

After Sasha’s plans for school break fall through Heather invites her to NYC instead (pg. 224 ‘Home Sweet Drama’). At first, Sasha isn’t sure if she wants to go with Heather but, decides to go thinking it will be fun and hoping it will be a chance for the girls to be friends.

The author explores the subject of family in the story and some of the issues that come with family life. For example, when Sasha stays with Heather and her family she starts to see that Heather doesn’t have a good relationship with her parents. They are always at work and don’t pay much interest in Heather’s life and friends. Sasha starts to feel sorry for Heather.
The more time that Sasha spends with Heather she starts to see another side to her.

There is very little to criticise in this story. As you read Burkhart’s books you see the complexity of the characters she creates. I like the fact that the author has made the characters real and that each girl in the story deals with their own realistic everyday problems.

Out of 5 I would rate this book a 4 and a half. I like ‘City Secrets’ the best out of the 7 books of the ‘Canterwood Crest’ series that I have read so far.

I like the fact that Heather is treating Sasha kindly and that they are working together.

Being a friend is better than being an enemy.

By: Claudia Ko